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The Arrow of Time

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The Arrow of Time

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Where does time go?  The moment that just passed is gone forever, but to where?  Our fascination with time starts at an early age.  When we are children, all future events seem to exist in an excruciatingly distant fog.  For everything that is worthwhile in life, we are forced to wait.  Birthdays, holidays, vacations, family visits, or a simple trip to the ice cream shop are F O R E V E R away, seemingly; they’ll never get here.  But they always do. The arrow of time shows the way.


Soon our focus extends.  Thoughts of turning 16 and getting your driver’s license quickly transition to becoming an adult, and all that goes with it.  The rapid transition from high school to early-twenties occurs before we know it.  From term papers to long-term relationships, we travel, and life is a long, long journey ahead.  It’s a big world out there, and there’s a near-eternity to search it out.  The possibilities are limitless. The arrow of time points in all directions.


Then something strange happens.  We turn 25.  Suddenly, time advances to a higher gear.  Days pass quickly.  The realization of that looming 3-0 is out there, relentlessly stalking us, ever closer.  Adulthood is settling in: we reflect on the simpler times of youth, gone forever.  The arrow of time is gaining steam.


Often in our thirties, we are introduced to children: our children.  They grow quickly into our forties, and grow up, in our fifties.  Time has become a blur; did it happen last week, or last month?  We’re not sure. The arrow of time shows its trickster self.


For the sixties, and beyond, lies the most curious of times.  While we know the arrow of time flies on forever, at some point, that arrow escapes us. Let’s all embrace the gift of today; live life to it’s fullest! The arrow of time pays us no mind.


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