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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing any difficulty with your online order, please call us during business hours at (615) 876-1014. If you have specific requests about your product or the pick-up or drop-off of your order, please call or email us at

For plant cultivation, issues with growing or newsletter comments please email 

1.1 What if an item I am interested in is out of stock?

If an item is showing 'Out of Stock' this is an item we typically carry but are currently out of. If you are interested in an item showing out of stock, please call us to find out when this item will be replenished. 

1.2 What is the size of the plant I am interested in?

For the majority of our inventory, how large a plant is on our lot is determined by the container/gallon size (4p, #3, #7 etc.). We do not designate how tall or wide an item is unless it is Balled and Burlaped (Dug from a growing field). If you have questions about the size of a plant on our lot, please feel free to call for further information. 

1.3 What are some ornamental plant diseases that I should be aware of?

Plant diseases occur when three critical elements come together to make adisease triangle. They are a pathogen, susceptible host plant and afavorable environment. You can learn more about common ornamental and landscaping plant diseases that occur in Middle Tennessee from this great article put out by the University of Tennessee Extension.

1.4 I'm looking for more resources on how to properly care for my plants in Middle Tennessee.

We love what our friends at the Soil, Plant, and Pest Center at University of Tennessee Extension are doing for plant research and education in Middle Tennessee. This website is a wonderful resource for landscapers and gardeners that offers insight and advice about gardening and landscaping in Middle Tennessee. From pest identification and mitigation to proper care for your plants, they are a wonderful resource for all of your gardening and landscaping questions. Start learning>>

1.5 Can I use a living tree as a Christmas tree?

The short answer is Yes. However, sufficient care is required to insure that your tree is happy and healthy. Below is an article we put together to help you successfully care for your living tree. 

Care Instructions for Your Living Christmas Tree

1.6 What does the # sign mean at the beginning of the plant name?

The # sign is an indicator of container size. For example, a #3 plant denotes a trade 3 gallon sized container.