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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.1 Do you ship or deliver your plants and products?

We do not ship plants or products, however, we do deliver to the greater Nashville area. You can find delivery prices by zip code here

1.2 What if I can't find an item I am interested in on your website?

If you are interested in an item that is not showing on our website, please call us at 615-876-1014 to find out if or when this item may be available. 

1.3 Some of your inventory has low or only 1 quantity. Is it still available?

Fluctuations happen constantly at the nursery based on customer traffic. We do not warehouse our plants, so all of our inventory is on our nursery lot and is first come, first serve. 

Online inventory may vary slightly from in-store due to local demand, and/or processing new inventory. If quantities are showing five or less, please call to check inventory and product availability: 615-876-1014

1.4 Can I get plants by pickup, if I do not want to get out of my car? Can I have them delivered?

Yes, if you have not previously set up your online account (it is separate from the in-store account), click here for our webpage with video tutorial or, go directly to setting up an account:


When shopping the catalog you will find most of our inventory is available online. When you see a photo of a plant or category, click on the word block description underneath. 


We deliver to the greater Nashville area, or you can choose curbside pickup for your order. Follow the instructions at checkout for either delivery or curbside pickup. Curbside pickup orders are contact-free Please allow at least 48 hours for curbside pickup. We’ll load it; you don’t even have to get out of your car! Simply give us a call when you arrive and one of our staff members will bring your order to your car. Please note that we ONLY deliver to the greater Nashville area. You can view delivery zones and rates here


If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 615-876-1014, or email us at [email protected].

1.5 Do you install or plant landscapes?

Our Landscaper Relationship Coordinator, Shannon Polen, will work with you to recommend a trusted landscaper in our network. Email [email protected] to get started, or during the week give us a call and ask for him (615)-876-1014

1.6 What does the # sign mean at the beginning of the plant name?

The # sign is an indicator of container size. For example, a #3 plant denotes roughly a 3 gallon sized container. A #15 plant will be in roughly a 15 gallon container.


Plant height and width can vary based on the supplier, plant type, and plant maturity. To find out how tall or wide a plant is, please call us at 615-876-1014 or email [email protected].

1.7 What does the P mean at the beginning of the plant name?

The "P" indicates that the plant container is measured in inches, rather than gallons. This is more common in houseplants, annuals, and tropicals. For instance, a plant in a 6P container is in a container that is roughly 6" wide, one in an 8P container is in a pot that is roughly 8" wide.


Plant height and width can vary based on the supplier, plant type, and plant maturity. To find out how tall or wide a plant is, please call us at 615-876-1014 or email [email protected].

1.8 What is the size of the plant I am interested in?

For the majority of our inventory, how large a plant is on our lot is determined by the container/gallon size (4p, #3, #7 etc.). We do not designate how tall or wide an item is unless it is Balled and Burlapped (Dug from a growing field). If you have questions about the size of a plant on our lot, please feel free to call 615-876-1014 or email [email protected] for further information. 

1.9 What are some ornamental plant diseases that I should be aware of?

Plant diseases occur when three critical elements come together to make a disease triangle. They are a pathogen, susceptible host plant and a favorable environment. You can learn more about common ornamental and landscaping plant diseases that occur in Middle Tennessee from this great article put out by the University of Tennessee Extension.

1.10 What plants are native to Nashville, TN?

It's your lucky day! The Tennessee-Kentucky Plant Atlas lists 1,205 plants that are native right here to Davidson county. Click here to view the list.


We try to carry the widest possible selection of native plants, but some of these plants we will not have, or have limited supplies of. Nevertheless, it's a great tool to familiarize yourself with the natural flora around us.


1.11 Can I use a living tree as a Christmas tree?

The short answer is Yes. However, sufficient care is required to ensure that your tree is happy and healthy. Below is an article we put together to help you successfully care for your living tree. 


Learn how to care for a Living Christmas Tree

1.12 I'm looking for more resources on how to properly care for my plants in Middle Tennessee.

We pride ourselves on offering not only a great selection of healthy plants, but also the knowledge to help you to get the right plant in the right spot the first time. Our staff of houseplant experts and landscape specialists are always on hand to answer any questions or provide suggestions.


We've developed an educational hub designed to inspire and educate gardeners of all abilities. 


University of Tennessee Extension Service is also a valuable resource for Middle Tennessee gardeners. Their region-specific information is backed by research, and their free resources are helpful and informative. 

1.13 What is the average last day of frost?

It can vary by year, but currently the average last day of frost is April 21st.

1.14 Are you open during the COVID-19 virus pandemic?

Yes, we are open to walk-in traffic.


Bates Nursery takes the health of our employees and customers seriously. We are an open-air facility and have room for people to spread out and maintain a 6' social distance. We have several cash registers with plexiglas dividers and no, or very short, wait lines.