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It's officially tomato time in Middle Tennessee!


Please forgive any apparent misspellings, grammatical errors, and creative use of words. "Tomaters" - or "maters" for short – a regional term, familiar to southerners. For those originally north of the Mason-Dixon Line,(or west of the Rockies) prepare for the season of Tomater Love! This isn't about a forbidden relationship; it's about the purest form - the love for tomatoes, and you can grow legally... sparking only envy from neighbors, over your prized "tomaters."


This is a competition at its core, where the aim is to grow the first, largest, and most tomatoes. Discussing tomato superiority often involves mentioning your dependable varieties – Bradley’s, Big Boys, Early Girls. Yet, this year, the strategy is to surprise everyone with heirloom varieties like Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, and Orange Oxheart, securing your victory in Tomater Love, which can be fiercely competitive!


With over 80 tomato plant varieties, including 35 heirloom types, cleverly categorized by the incredible Jane. Keep an eye out for the bright yellow TOMATER LOVE sign in the greenhouse.  May the best gardener win!


By the way, we have way more than simply tomatoes.  Perhaps peppers are your thing.  It might be simply squash. It could be cucumbers or corn.  It might be mint.  Let us assume you are pondering lettuce.  Can you live without cabbage? Is a life without legumes worth living? (certainly yes, but I’m on a roll, work with me…) We have all that, and mulch more!


Speaking of mulches… and soil, you can’t grow championship quality veggies without quality growing media.  That is where EarthMix® makes the difference.  It is so much more than simply ‘organic’.  EarthMix® Garden Products offer a substantial growth potential difference that other so-called ‘soils’.  Organic yes, but only EarthMix® offers prolific, thriving growth for your plants; no matter what kind of plants you are growing!


Every Saturday morning, live at 8 AM, we discuss Tomaters, and everything that is growing (or that you’re trying to grow) in your garden: “Gardening Inside Out”. Listen to our Podcast anytime! Follow and contact us:  FacebookEmailInstagram



David Bates


  1. Racheal C Racheal C

    You can find them on our website at this address: https://www.batesnursery.com/search/flip+side/ Then just add to your cart, create an account and check out. Please allow up to 48 hrs for fulfillment of web orders. I hope this helps!

  2. Cherie Rainey Cherie Rainey

    How do i access your inventory & buy online? Flipside Chasetree small plant is what i want. 563-340-2887

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