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An Annuals Affair

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An Annuals Affair

It's time to welcome the vibrant hues and textures of spring by planting annual flowers!


As the frosty embrace of winter retreats, gardeners across middle Tennessee are breathing a sigh of relief. With the average last frost date hovering between April 10-20th, we've entered a hopeful window where the 10-day forecast shows no sign of frost. While we can never predict Mother Nature's whims with total certainty, the signs are positive for planting.


Bates Nursery stands at the ready, boasting an extensive selection of annuals that promise to transform your garden into a cascade of color. From the delicate whispers of Angelonia to the bold statements made by Zinnias, our collection spans the spectrum to ensure your garden is a reflection of your aesthetic and ambition.


But it’s not all flowers. Bates Nursery is a treasure trove for gardeners, offering a diverse range of vegetable plants and everything else your green thumb desires. Whether you're crafting a kitchen garden brimming with fresh herbs and vegetables or designing a fruiting orchard that captivates and charms, we have what you need. We have things you may not know you need.


We understand that bountiful gardening begins with the soil. That's why we proudly offer EarthMix® Garden Products, arguably the best soils and amendments on the planet. Coupled with our expertise, these products ensure your gardening endeavors are built on a foundation of success.


Remember, gardening is a journey of discovery, and Bates Nursery is your partner every step of the way. With our wide selection, expert advice, and premium garden products, your garden will not only grow, but thrive. We not only answer your questions at the nursery, we also do online…


Every Saturday morning, live at 8 AM, we answer the deep questions about your garden, even the ones that nag at you at 2am: “Gardening Inside Out”. Listen to our Podcast anytime! Follow and contact us:  FacebookEmail.  Instagram.  Our content is massive.  We stream 24/7/365.  Send us your questions, we’ll get you an answer, and we try to keep it fun in the process!


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  1. Tyler Blankenship Tyler Blankenship

    Hi Debra, we have roses and milkweed! Come see us at the nursery, give us a call, or browse our website.

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