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The April Fool

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The April Fool

Open Easter Weekend!


I'm the April Fool, whispering my secrets to you amidst the spring blooms. Each year, as April winks its eye, I am reminded of my unyielding optimism in the garden, sometimes bordering on sheer folly. This month, I dared to plant tomatoes before the last frost, a gamble against nature's chilly laugh.Ha! Yet, here I stand, spade in hand.


Just because I chose to take a chance with a few tomatoes, doesn’t mean you should.  But if you want to, we do have them…and a lot more!  We have ‘rolled in’ a good, early order of annuals.  So, I invite you to proceed with caution to the annual greenhouse and perennial area.  Bridgette, Jane, Celeste, Debbie, Machelle, Patty, Margaret, and Lynne; additionally, we have many new horticultural faces and personalities: they’re ready, willing, and able to assist you!


I have a candid confession, let me share this despicable act, as I embrace being the April Fool…of yester year.  April 1, 1980, on a far-away island, I took malicious actions.  Forty-four years ago, I fertilized a word of profanity in a hateful old man’s yard.  It was the most beautiful green growth I have ever seen, compared to his otherwise nutritionally starved lawn. It was: Four letter, Front yard, Full out Foolery.  It did force him to fertilize the rest of the grass…


April teaches patience, resilience, and occasionally looking over our shoulder. It's a time for mirthful trials, for daring to dream in green, even if it means occasionally talking to plants like they're old friends (they are, aren't they?).


Every Saturday morning, live at 8 AM, we engage in all things green, including your old friends growing in your yard: “Gardening Inside Out”. Listen to our Podcast anytime! Follow and contact us:  FacebookEmailInstagram


As we step into this season of renewal, let's celebrate our garden blunders and unexpected triumphs. They are, after all, the tales that enrich our green-thumbed journey.


Here's to being fools for love, life, the lure of the loam, as well as precise fertilizer applications. :-)


David Bates


  1. pat pickett pat pickett

    Your newsletters always have a wonderful twist. Look forward to everyone! Though it's hard to wait for color, will take your advice and wait awhile before I spurge on begonias! p

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