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Fruits of Late Winter

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Fruits of Late Winter

As ever-longer days prevail, it is time to give attention to a few more timely tasks!


The time for gardening is nigh upon us.  So, what should you do?  I have assembled a few timely, and instructional videos.  These will not only provide food, but also ‘food for thought’.


Ben Trest starts off this week’s collection.  He provides the ‘low-down’ on preparing for fruits and vegetables in this in-depth tutorial. Ben also imparts wisdom regarding timing of ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ season planting and educates on bed prep and seed starting.  He discusses fruiting treesand shrubs.  He also gives some great insight on container gardening, (see more below) and using decorative, and dare I say beloved, Strawberry Jars


Transplanting house plants should be near the top of your “to-do“ list. As the days grow longer, house plants are most certainly beginning to show signs of new growth. Tasks, such as pruning, cleaning, fertilizing, and transplanting should all be considered at this time. Our very own Caroline Gant gives you some great tips to help you in this process.  Not all of your plants need all of those things, but it may be, that some suffer from common problems. Additionally, a few itemsmentioned in Ben’s webinar will currently be found in our tropical area.  These items are equally Mediterranean: Olive Trees, Banana Trees, and Bay Laurel.


The timing is perfect for trimming, mulching and planting.  If you have large beds of groundcovers, it is the time to get your lawnmower (or string trimmer) and ‘mow’ those large areas of vegetative cover.  It is far quicker than using shears.  I prefer using a mower with a bagger.  Simply sharpen your blade, set the wheels to the highest setting and mow away.  The bagger will collect all clippings as you go. Check out this video I made a few years ago, where I demonstrate, mowing my monkey grass.


Every Saturday morning, live at 8 AM, we elaborate on your gardening questions: “Gardening Inside Out”. Listen to our Podcast anytime! Follow and contact us:  FacebookEmailInstagram.


David Bates


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