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Weathering Adjustments

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Riding the forecasting roller-coaster of spring!


I have a friend who is a recovering meteorologist.  I think she probably goes to some kind of meetings.  I’ll tell you what kind of meetings; they are sales meetings because working in retail looked more predictable than trying to forecast the weather!  Think about that one for a minute.  She now knows, that no matter whether the weather cooperates or not, people are likely to buy stuff.  Retail is easy work compared to meteorology.


The weather people have got it tough.  The weather seems to be able to change faster than our computer models can adjust, or accurately project.  A 10-day forecast is essentially a three-day forecast, which is pretty accurate, with an extra week of statistical weather data added on.  I would be better off to never look at a 10-day forecast. I do look at multiple forecasts, multiple times a day, this time of year.


As gardeners, we're a determined lot.  Spring is here…officially.  The only problem is that apparently someone forgot to tell mom; you may know her as Mother Nature.  She has been decidedly difficult to deal with of late.  When it hasn’t been raining and wet, it has been chilly.  It’s enough to make a nursery owner cuss, but I will admit, it really doesn’t take much to make that happen.  You better avert your eyes now, because here it comes! If we can ever get those gosh-darned, shovel-ducking compost-suckers to give us a forecast like it is supposed to be, we’d all be a much happier, and cuss less.  Pardon my language.


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