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The photos of plant material on this website showcase the plants at many different stages. Much like us, we have moments when we are at our best and other times when we should just go back to bed or put on a hat and call it a day.  Plants go through many changes amidst our seasons in Middle Tennessee and throughout the duration of their existence. Basically what we are trying to communicate is that even though the picture of a Japanese Maple may show it with leaves, if purchased in December it will have already gone dormant and dropped its foliage.  


We are unable to keep the website up-to-date with current photos of our plants as they look on the lot. However, we take great pride in keeping our inventory stocked with superb quality and healthy plant material for our customers and guests. If you have any specific questions about the current stage of the plant material you are interested in purchasing, please feel free to contact us at 1 (615) 876-1014.



Photos of our hardgood materials should arrive as shown on the website. Any changes in label or packaging should be minor and are likely due to updates in our packaging process or from our vendors. We strive to provide the most updated photos of our product line.

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