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Spring Timing

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Spring Timing

Bates is your fun, gardening information connection: The BNBBC, The At Home Show, and much more, plus FREE Iced Bottled Water, while you shop, is back!



There are those who are of the belief that you really should not plant annuals until after Mother's Day. It is not a flawed line of reasoning, but there could be a couple of drawbacks.  Obviously, we are now well past Mother’s day, and with that occurrence, all frosty weather conditions have passed.  Fortunately, we’re still having some pleasantly cool mornings, but cold won’t return before later in October.


Rain has been generally good to this point, but we’ve passed the ‘April Showers’, season and have moved squarely into ‘May Flowers’ While I admit, the rain does not always follow according to my schedule; we currently have good moisture conditions, particularly at depth.


We are fortunate to have relationships with our growers that assure us of getting excellent quality plants, and in a wide variety.  Last week I talked specifically about shade plantings.  That's one of the areas where we excel.  Color over the entire landscape is a reality we seek to help you achieve, regardless of your light conditions.


It is not uncommon to see selections of annual flowering plants dwindle, along with quality of plants, as May moves steadily towards June.  It is our hope to be the exception to that. While we have little control over when suppliers run out of product, (especially this year) our newly renovated greenhouse has proven to be a significant improvement, in our capacity to keep plants looking their best.  Hopefully this makes for an improved shopping experience.


The return of, Free while you shop, iced bottled water is back at Bates.  As it turns out, water shortages are not limited to those who live ‘out west’.  In order to provide water, in sufficient quantity, has proven more challenging than years past.  Free water is easy to locate in our usual spots, in the greenhouse areas.


The trucks are still rolling in, come see what we have brought in, just for you!


David Bates


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