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Rapid Arrival

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Rapid Arrival

How on earth did June get here so fast? Can you make up for lost time (and where does it go)?


Almost before you realize it is June, the month is nearly one-third in the history books. One minute it is April and spring is bustling and before you can turn around, summer approaches.   I’m sure this sensation of accelerated time only seems to be getting worse, but it continues to amaze me how quickly May got by this year…for us all.


As we near the end of spring, it is not uncommon for less informed individuals to assume it is too late to plant.  You, being informed, believe no such nonsense.  That is precisely why we have done the exact opposite of what many who sell plants do: Stock Up.  We have brought in semi-truck loads of new plant material this week.  Among those items: spiraea, boxwood, and specimen plants including several cultivars of magnolia, hollies and crape myrtle


There is no benefit in pondering laments of the past (the knowledge of that however, does not keep me from engaging in that act of futility on occasion).   So, it’s time to look forward, and plan for your end of spring landscape.  That’s right, it is still spring.  One of the great benefits to having waited until late spring is the profusion of late flowering plants, now in bloom.  Let’s look at one major summer flowering shrub family: Hydrangea!


Landscapes are not built on hydrangeas alone.  It takes a complete array to complete your work of art: your gardens and landscape.  You need a comprehensive palette from which to “paint”.  That is where Bates Nursery & Garden Center comes into the picture.  As a BatesRewards member, we want to keep you up-to-date on the best and newest plants, and we want to provide great opportunities to help you express your creative gardening side!


This Saturday morning, we’re going deep into hydrangeas, and much more on, “The At Home Show”. Join Josh Cary, Tyler Blankenship, Caroline Gant, plant savant Austin Lohin, and me: We answer your questions!


David Bates


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