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Passing Fast

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Passing Fast

Our frantic pace towards spring


It is hard to believe, but three weeks from this weekend, we will once more be open on Saturdays.  We again resume Saturday hours beginning March 2. Winter is flying past.  It may seem otherwise to you.  This is the time where the anxious anticipation of spring is strong.  It probably can’t get here fast enough for you. For us however, it looms in the near future, too close for comfort.  Even though now is not a busy time for us in the sense of selling plants, we are busily working to increase our selection of quality products, and improve the shopping experience for you.


For those who visit now, it would seem that we are in complete disarray.  That is because we are. We are in the process of making major improvements in our checkout/front sales area.  This past spring, our checkout line was often lengthy, and it was singular.  We had multiple checkouts, but no better way to handle the flow other than simply put everyone in just one line.  We are working towards a solution.


For spring 2019 we have doubled our checkout lanes and created multiple entry points to process our transactions faster.  We have opened up our ‘Loading Zone’ to accommodate at least 5 vehicles at a time.  We will also make the loading of bagged materials easier by moving top selling items directly adjacent to the ‘Loading Zone”.  That will greatly reduce the need to pull to a separate spot to load your EarthMix® products.


Finally, we have ‘raised the roof’ on our checkout area.  We have replaced the old fiberglass roof structure.  In a major claustrophobia reducing effort, we now have much increased headroom, with better overall visibility and (hopefully) ease of shopping experience.  We don’t rest on our laurels (it might break them).


We are indeed fortunate to be a part of Nashville, now in our 87th year! We appreciate the opportunity to serve your horticultural needs, in products, information and services.  We look forward to seeing you; winter is indeed passing fast!


David Bates


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