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It Happens!

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It Happens!

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There is a lot of experimenting that goes with gardening.  To be certain, there are tried-and-true agricultural axioms that apply in perpetuity.  There is a realm that exists outside the bounds of, ‘green side up and water’, common sense gardening.  An unfamiliar mindset to many: where only the acumen-laden, accrued through years of toil, dare to venture.  The improbable outcomes of experimentation, found only through meticulous note taking, in soil-stained diaries, prove out horticultural hypotheses, previously unknown.  This “ah-ha” moment is yours!  You are a gardening godor maybe you just got lucky. It happens.


It matters not.  I’d much rather be lucky than good.  Excelling at anything requires a measure of diligence.  Although my diligence is best observed in my capacity to procrastinate (that still demonstrates commitment)…  I’ll put my intentions up against anybody’s.  Regardless, I do enjoy trying things.  I try planting things in different soil mixes.  I like seeing how things respond to somewhat different conditions, expecting an array of results.  Even though I’m not a diligent data-logger, gaining information, through casual observations, is satisfying to me.  Occasionally, I stumble into some new insight, although many times it is inconclusive.  Sometimes I inadvertently kill stuff.  It happens.


Try not to let the benefits of gardening be defined only by your successes.    We try to help you improve your success rate.  We want to be successful gardeners.  If your gardening happiness is based on the premise, that everything you plant must live; you will not find joy in gardening.  You too, will kill some plants.  It happens!


I invite you to join us Saturday mornings at 8am live for, “The At Home Show” (or click here, to watch it any time).  Carrie will talk about selecting patio palms and ferns, while Austin will discuss sun perennials and Japanese maples.  We are only too happy to discuss whatever is on your mind, gardening or otherwise!  Either call or text us, ANYTIME: 615-499-6690.  We’ll discuss and have a bit of fun along the way.



David Bates



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