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In Two Weeks

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In Two Weeks

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In two weeks, Christmas will have come and gone.  In two weeks, the euphoria associated with the holidays will begin to wane.  In two weeks, the apprehension of what to buy, for whomever, will be over for another year.   In two weeks, we’ll be readying ourselves for another new decade.  In two weeks a ‘return to normalcy’ will be within sight.  But, that’s in two weeks; this is now!


We’re not living in the future, let’s talk about right now, and how to get through the next two weeks unscathed.  Well, comparatively so.  We all face challenges in making gift purchase decisions.  So much so, that many people feel an undue amount of stress.  I don’t believe the holidays, or any other time for that matter, should be lived under self-imposed duress.  It is self-imposed, right?  It’s always difficult to come up with something that our special someone wants; that they will surely appreciate.  We all want to feel good in the ‘giving’, as well.


If you’re drawing blanks, welcome to the club.  I struggle with this every year, and this year is no exception.  Practicality is practically out the window.  This is about wants, not needs, correct?  Perhaps there can be some exception.  Is there no gray area regarding such matters?  In all candor, the nearly eighty-eight year old place of my employ has been built within this gray area.  With few exceptions we sell things gardeners want, and frequently that want is confused, with need.  We’re really glad you like and want the products we offer, even if you don’t really need them!


I truly believe that gardening does provide a plausible excuse for this confusion.  Gardening provides healthy distraction.  It provides therapy, which comes in handy, especially when you’re under duress!  Here’s a couple of holiday stress relievers for you: Shop for Gift Cards; directly from your phone or desktop: Simply Click Here.  Come out, visit, and save: 25% off EVERYTHING*, excluding gift cards and deliveries*.


Two weeks!


David Bates


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