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Five Days

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Five Days

33% off ALL plant items; everything that grows, plus BUCK-A-GALLON!


It’s only five days away.  Five days to finish your Christmas gift-giving preparations.  Actually, if you’re planning on shopping here, there are only three days remaining.  That is including today.  Which, by the time you read this, will actually only leave two days.  Possibly two of the shortest days you will have all year. Friday December 21st, being the first day of winter; is incorrectly known as our shortest day of the year; it is actually a day comprised of 24 hours, just like every other day.  I almost forgot: We will be closed on December 23rd as well, because it is Sunday, and it’s winter.  Well, it will be by then.


It has finally arrived.  The first Saturday of winter is the last Saturday we are open, until March.  We will be closed on Christmas Eve, and, since we’re already closed on that day, we will also be closed on Christmas day.  What you should infer from that information is that we are open Friday and Saturday, December 21st and December 22nd. 


Every plant, every growing thing we have is on sale: 33% off.  That’s right, even trees are plants.  There are no known exclusions.  Right about now, you are reeling with the thoughts of all that lies before you.  Best of all, it’s right here, at Bates Nursery.  Don’t be alarmed when you drive up and it appears we are out of business.  We’ve simply moved the majority of our plants into ‘protective custody’.  We will release them into your direct possession.  You need only ask. 


It’s hyphenated, but only one word; that word is: BUCK-A-GALLON.  We have a few plants in a special area, beside the Purple Martin house, specially marked.  BUCK-A-GALLON is straightforward and reasonably self-explanatory.  A 1-gallon plant is $1.  A two-gallon plant is $2.  That trend continues upward through plants in a 15-gallon container.  I’ll let you guess how much they are…they’ll go quickly, so hurry in! 


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Bates!


David Bates


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