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Fall is Love

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Fall is Love

EarthMix® Garden™ Giveaway; get a free bag of Garden™ with every $50 worth of plants!


Love is in the air, if you love fall.  Fall is THE season.  Fall is the time when you give summer’s bounty one last look, and headlong dive into the splendor of this season.  Chilly mornings and brilliantly crisp afternoons give rise to feelings other seasons can’t match.  The collective sigh of relief from those nine weeks of August swelter, only serves to heighten the intensity of autumn.  Spring is sublime, but fall is love. Soak it up!


Fall is not some passing fancy.  This is the real deal.  Outdoor dining, sitting by the fire-pit, Friday night football, and digging in the dirt, are what true love is all about.  Taking a hike down a woodland trail, hand-in-hand with loved ones in tow, or even a solitary stroll, connects us with nature and gives us time to appreciate this good life we have.  We might take the gifts that life presents us for granted at other times, but not in the fall.  Fall is love.


We’re honored for the part of your life that you share with us.  We are most privileged to assist you in your ‘dirt’ endeavors!  While we certainly have a lot of things to choose from: It can be overwhelming.  We are here to help you work through the selection process.   Take some photos of the area(s) you need assistance with.  That gives us the information we need to help you.  Bring those images with you, on your smartphone or tablet or printed, and our landscape professionals will look at your particular situation, and help you make the right selections, the first time.


We wish to show our appreciation; through the end of business on Halloween, October 31st, we will give you, free of charge, a 20L bag of EarthMix® Garden™ for every $50 worth of plants you purchase!  A $6.99 value, EarthMix® Garden™ is a valuable asset to your landscape, giving your plants the best opportunity to lovingly thrive!


Fall is love, in your garden!


David Bates


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