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Draft Dodgers

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Draft Dodgers

Escape the madness in downtown this weekend… That Awesome Taco Truck is here Sunday!


Using the phrase Draft Dodgers often has a dubious connotation.   Beginning tonight, it has a completely different reference.  Nashville, whether you like it or not, is the ‘it’ city. Events, that other major population centers would do anything to host, seem to simply fall to our fair city.  It is not as though Nashville, Tennessee has done nothing to merit the accolades being bestowed upon us, but this weekend will test the limits of every resource the city has to offer.  So let’s all take a deep breath and enjoy the experience.


To be sure, the NFL Draft is a big deal.  I have been driving downtown early several mornings over the last couple of weeks watching in amazement the amount of staging and infrastructure being put in place for the three-day extravaganza.  With an estimated 400,000 people expected to visit, I completely understand everyone wanting to take in this once-in-a-lifetime event. As if the star power of Music City isn’t enough, the best of the best athletes in the world are converging here for this spectacle.


Another major event happening downtown on Saturday is St. Jude’s Rock ‘n Roll Marathon; but it should be no problem.  It is only an additional 30,000 runners on Nashville streets plus additional family, friends, and spectators. All that means that it is probably going to be a tough ticket to get to see Jimmy Buffet at Bridgestone Arena Saturday night.


Of course you can avoid it altogether.  I don’t think being Draft Dodgers in this sense of the word would get you any negative feedback.  Besides, it is spring! Last weekend was cold and rainy. This weekend promises to be much nicer.  I invite you to be one of the Draft Dodgers this weekend and come on out to Bates.  We’re here to help you get your garden into shape; we have everything you want and need.  We’re even far enough from downtown so you can avoid the traffic. That Awesome Taco Truck is Sunday!


David Bates


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