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Celebrating Independence

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Celebrating Independence

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Celebrating independence has a lot of meanings.  Those meanings differ, depending on who is involved, but what about the family get-together?


Excused absences from an Independence Day family reunion due to illness may be permissible; but not if you’re Aunt May. Who will bring the award winning potato salad, Cole slaw and chess pie? How can you possibly bring the entire family together, at least those who are speaking to each other, without her vital nutritional provisions? In case you haven’t figured it out, Aunt May is the lynchpin of the entire event. The reunion can’t happen without her; at least that is what she believes. Auntie Millie has offered to ‘do’ the baked beans, but there’s a good reason she gets to take most of that back home with her. Even the starving stray dogs won’t eat them.


The pressure is not entirely on the women-folk.  Anthony and Uncle Buddy are in charge of cooking the meat.  Most dudes can handle that level of responsibility, but their specialty is ribs.  Their process is so secret that they start after dark the night before and cook them all night, to avoid prying eyes.  The meat just falls off the bone. They used to let cousin Billy make the sauce. Not any more. One year Billy was experimenting with different sauces and inadvertently got too much of the wrong kind of sauce. When he didn’t show up, Anthony and Buddy went to check on him.  It looked like a crime scene. Billy simply got a little too ‘tight’ from all of the sauce sampling and spilled ketchup everywhere, right before he took a nap on the floor. Fortunately, Billy is ‘off the sauce’ now.


Billy will likely not be seen, come this Saturday morning. We pledge to stay ‘off the sauce’ ourselves, as we bring you the Independence Weekend Edition of, “The At Home Show”, per usual, at 8am.  We’ll discuss timely trimming, and more!


Enjoy your Independence weekend!


David Bates


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