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Business as Unusual

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Business as Unusual

We’re working at ‘Flattening the Curve’; we have online ‘gardening tools’ to help!


We’re all in this.  No one is exempt.  We have not been here before.  We are all making significant changes.  We must.  Everyone is examining their daily routine.  Everyone.  Our collective sense of priority is changing week-by-week, day-by-day, and minute-by-minute. 


We hope to provide a calming effect.


Social distancing is a phrase that was perhaps never expressed, prior to last week.  The new normal, for the foreseeable future, is to avoid congregating, even in small groups.  Like every other business, we have spent many hours in discussion as how to best deal with our common malady. We have come up with a variety of tools to give you options as you plan your springtime digging endeavors.  That said, for the near future, it will be business as unusual.


Our large open-air sales facility is a naturally detrimental setting for the transmission of pathogens.  The overwhelming majority of our site is outdoors; the remaining greenhouse and checkout structures receive copious natural ventilation, as well as mechanically, by fans.  We also have six checkouts, which have proven effective at eliminating lines.  The physical area that we have insures the ability to maintain safe and comfortable distances from others.


We also know that you may have concerns about going out and shopping anywhere We have tools to deal with that.  Simply go to our website: www.batesnursery.com.  Once there, you will find most of our inventory is shoppable online!  If you have not previously set up your online account (it is separate from the in-store account), click here for our webpage with video tutorial.  Place your order and set up delivery, or we’ll pull your order for you, so that you can simply drive out and pick it up.  We’ll load it; you don’t even have to get out of your car!


Gardening is more than a hobby; it is therapeutic.  I suspect many of us (self included) are in need of all available stress relief we can get.  We are here; open, business as unusual.


David Bates


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