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A Seasonal Color Transition

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A Seasonal Color Transition

Bates Nursery voted BON for 17th time! BNBBC receives Writer’s Award!


If this isn’t pansy weather, I don’t know what is.  “Pansy weather” to the less informed, might sound like some derogatory meteorological reference, nothing could be further from the truth.  Pansy plants like pansy weather; that is, cool seasonable fall conditions.   The weather looks to be dry over the next several days, and it is a great time to plant the finest color of autumn…pansies.


I don't believe that serious gardeners are often called off guard, especially in the fall. It's not as though we all don't know it's going to begin being cold, on a more frequent and severe basis. It appears that this Friday night/Saturday morning could be the first frost that many will receive.


That is another motivation to get your summer annuals out, as they are significantly easier to remove before frost/freezing conditions.  There is nothing much messier (is that French?) than slimy frost-killed annuals.  Besides, getting pansy plants in now assures you of getting them well established prior to winter; that translates into maximum color.


I’m not into hype or hyperbole.  You need to know this: We have received our last significant deliveries of cool season color this week.  We have a great selection now, but our sales of fall color have been in high demand.  I suggest you get those selections made this weekend, while we still have a great variety to choose from.  Going forward, our selection of these items will significantly dwindle.


The Best of Nashville: what an honor!  Through your kindness and consideration, you have again voted Bates Nursery & Garden Center to be the best.  Even though this is our seventeenth year, we never take it for granted.  Thank You!


We also received a “Writer’s Choice” award for our online gardening class, “Bates Nursery Botanical Boot Camp”, the brainchild of the marketing marvel herself, our very own, Annora McGarry.  She, assisted by Tyler Blankenship, and our staff of horticultural experts, put forth this highly informational (and entertaining) gardening series. 


EarthMix® Landscape™ sale* continues!


David Bates


*In-store only, web and phone orders excluded


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