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A Bit Off the Top

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A Bit Off the Top

Transforming your plants can be a SuperNatural™ experience; ALL* Monrovia plants and bagged EarthMix® SuperNatural™, now 20% off!


The end of July marks the official end of the season of preferred trimming, for most plants.  The reason is clear:  plants need to have time for the new growth that follows trimming, to mature and ‘harden off’.  I know November seems like forever in the future; I assure you, it is not.  November is the time when we are most likely to have hard freezes begin.  It is freezing conditions that can damage tender growth. 


I know that ‘freezing’ is a difficult concept to deal with now.  Waiting later for trimming, say late August/early September, will not kill your plants. After all, it’s still really hot then.  I’m not talking about death.  I am talking optimization of your investment: your landscape and gardens.  You’ve worked hard and paid good money.  We want to see the best result possible. Trimming now, combined with providing additional nutritional supplement, makes that likely, not simply possible.


We try to practice what we preach.  Over the past week, we have been completing trimming on plants that needed, “A Bit Off the Top”.  Actually, some need more than a bit.  Other plants needed transplanting, and some additional time to grow.  Everything is receiving nourishment. We are providing that, by topdressing every tree and shrub on our lot, with EarthMix® SuperNatural™.  Immediately you are thinking, “I thought that product was a compost!”, and it is.  SuperNatural™ is a highly nutritive, wholly organic compost.  Since it’s organic, it cannot burn plants. It is not sold as a fertilizer, but plants don’t know that!


Through the end of business on August 4, we are offering you, a BatesRewards member, 20% off bagged EarthMix® SuperNatural™* as well as, 20% off on All* Monrovia Plants!  We’re taking a bit off the top of your gardening cost…20% off, to be exact, on All Monrovia plants and 36L bags of EarthMix® SuperNatural™!


Bring photos; we’ll help!


Watch live Saturday 8am: The At Home Show, good gardening fun!


David Bates


*in-store purchases only


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