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How to Choose the Right Pot or Container for Your Plants

How to Choose the Right Pot or Container for Your Plants

Pots are a lovely way to accent plants-both indoor and outdoor. However, there are many considerations beyond just color and aesthetic appeal when choosing a pot. Learn how to choose the right pot for annual arrangements, houseplants, and container gardens with the Caroline Gant, houseplant expert and Pottery Manager at Bates Nursery.





Types of Pots Mentioned in this Webinar:

Plastic & Fiberglass Pots


    • Lightweight & easy to move
    • Typically frost-proof



    • Can degrade quickly
    • Fades in the sun


Terracotta Pots


    • Good at wicking moisture (Great for succulents & cacti, as they absorb excess moisture to prevent root rot)
    • Aesthetically appealing
    • Inexpensive
    • Lightweight



    • Brittle-not frost proof and can break easily
    • Wick moisture quickly-not great for plants that prefer evenly moist soil.


Ceramic Pots


    • Many types are frost-proof
    • Thicker & sturdier pots
    • A little porous, but the glaze holds moisture-good for plants that prefer to stay evenly moist
    • Great variety of glazes and colors



    • Can be more expensive (but they often last longer)
    • Not as forgiving for overwatering-does not wick moisture
    • Large pots can be heavy


Fiber Clay Pots


    • Lighter and easier to move
    • Variety of colors



    • Can break easily



Soil & Amendments to Use for Potted Arrangements & Houseplants


EarthMix® Proganix-I™ Indoor Grow Mix

EarthMix® Proganix-O™ Outdoor Grow Mix

EarthMix® Landscape™ Premium Soil Conditioner (great for outdoor containers and mixed planters)

Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix

EarthMix® pFines™ Pine Fines (helps to lighten soil to make pots lighter & improve drainage)

EarthMix® Enlighten™ Expanded Shale (Improves drainage & can improve stability)


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