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All About Grow Lights

All About Grow Lights

Vanessa Lang talks extending your growing season with grow lights! She covers methods for starting seeds, encouraging growth/blooms, and how to keep houseplants healthy with grow lights. Learn what to look for when purchasing grow lights, as well as recommended options for different applications.




Products Mentioned in this Webinar: 

Lightbulb Types:

Incandescent (use a lot of power and put out a lot of heat)

Fluorescent (Inexpensive, but bulbs may need to be replaced frequently)

LED (Most energy-efficient, last a long time)



Wattage Needed:

11-18 watts needed per square foot for veggies & herbs

32+ watts needed per square foot for flowering & fruiting plants, as well as most houseplants.



Recommended Time:

14-16 hours per day.



Grow Lights Discussed in this Webinar:

Full-Spectrum Grow Light Bulbs:

  • Fit most sockets.
  • Most are about 12 watts.


LED Gooseneck Light:

  • About 45 watts-many small bulbs on a panel cover a larger area.
  • Adjustable arms are good for small spaces.


Red & Blue LED Panel

  • Covers a larger area and is more powerful.
  • Red & Blue are the colors on the light spectrum that plants absorb most efficiently


Sunlight LED

  • Mellower lights, not the red and blue colors


Lumins & Kelvin Ratings

Kelvin Rating: Color temperature. High Kelvin=blue light, low Kelvin=red light.

Lumins: Related to wattage.

  • 2500/square foot for vegetative growth
  • 10,000/square foot for fruit and flower.





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