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All About Succulents & Cacti

All About Succulents & Cacti

Stop "succing" at succulent care! Vanessa and Caroline cover everything cacti & succulents. They discuss their favorite varieties, common mistakes, and tips to keep your cacti and succulents healthy and vibrant year-round. Learn how to make a custom soil mix for your cacti and succulents, and discover new and unique varieties of cacti and succulents.

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Prickly Pear

    • Bright light, low water-more tolerant to overwatering than other cacti
    • Fast growing
    • Hardy in colder weather-they can live outside in Tennessee
    • Easy to propagate



San Pedro

    • Fast growing
    • More tolerant to overwatering
    • Can handle more cold-do need to be brought inside during the winter.
    • Easy to propagate



Peruvian Apple Cactus

    • Fast growing
    • Easy to propagate




Aloe Vera

    • Keep out of direct sunlight
    • Water infrequently-will rot if overwatered
    • Sensitive to temperature fluctuations
    • Easy to propagate from pups that grow from the base
    • Great for skincare and to treat burns


Jade Plants

    • Adaptable to lower light-does not like bright, direct light
    • Easy to propagate from stem or leaf cuttings
    • Water infrequently, but they can take more moisture if you're prone to overwatering



    • Many varieties
    • Do well in lower light-they get sunburned in bright, direct light
    • Keep in a chunky soil mix
    • Slow growing



    • Many varieties
    • Easy to care for-just don't overwater!
    • Likes bright sunlight, does well outside in the summer
    • Fast growing
    • Easy to propagate from pups-like aloe


String of Pearls

    • Keep indoors in bright, indirect light
    • Can be difficult to find the right amount of water
    • Easy to propagate


String of Bananas

    • Keep indoors in bright, indirect light
    • Can be difficult to water
    • Easy to propagate



    • Looks like a cactus, but technically is not.
    • Do not overwater-keep in a very light cactus mix
    • Keep in bright light
    • Grow quickly
    • Easy to propagate



    • Many different varieties
    • Keep in bright, direct light
    • Can tolerate more water when kept outdoors
    • Easy to propagate from stem or leaf cuttings


Hardy Succulents:


Hens & Chicks




Products Mentioned in this Webinar:

Soil Mixes:

Espoma Cactus Potting Mix

Bonsai Mix

EarthMix® Sustain™ Coconut Coir


Vanessa's Succulent Mix:


Caroline's Cactus Mix


Terracotta Pots


Metal Plant Stakes


Repotting Tools for Cacti:

Oven Mitts
Heavy Gardening Gloves






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