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Hydrangeas 101

Hydrangeas 101

Want to know how to choose the right hydrangea? Or maybe how to care for hydrangeas? Austin dishes the dirt on the best hydrangea for your space. Learn about the different kinds of hydrangeas there are to choose from and care tips for hydrangeas that thrive.



Plants Mentioned in this Webinar:


Hydrangea Macrophylla

These turn blue or pink, and sometimes purple depending on soil pH. They have large foliage and big, round blooms. Blooms on old wood.

Endless Summer Hydrangeas

Blushing Bride Hydrangea



Hydrangea Arborescens

Classic shade to semi-sunny environment shrub. Large white blooms look great in a mass planting. Blooms on both new and old wood.

Annabelle Hydrangea

Incrediball Hydrangea



Hydrangea Quercifolia 

The largest hydrangea--these can get up to 10' tall. Known as Oakleaf Hydrangea for its oak leaf shaped leaves. They are native to the northeastern United States, and do well in a variety of conditions but do best in partial sun. Large, conical blooms transition from white to pink as the season progresses. Blooms on old wood.



Hydrangea Serrata

Lacecap blooms have a delicate, flat structure. Blooms transition from pink to blue depending on the pH of the soil. Plant in partial shade. Blooms off of old wood.

Blue Billows Hydrangea



Hydrangea Paniculata

These are the hydrangeas that do best in the sun and the heat of Tennessee summers. The blooms are conical, and transition from green-ish blooms to white to pink and red. They grow quickly and are the easiest to grow out of all hydrangeas mentioned in this webinar. They can get up to 10' tall. Blooms off of both old and new wood.

Limelight Hydrangea

Little Lime Hydrangea

Bobo Hydrangea

Quickfire Hydrangea







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