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Japanese Maples 101

Japanese Maples 101

Japanese Maples make a statement. With vibrant foliage and diverse growing habits, they make remarkable specimen plants. Learn about the different types of Japanese Maples, get planting advice, and learn basic care of Japanese Maples with Austin, Landscape Specialist at Bates Nursery.



Planting Tips:

How to plant a Tree or Shrub

How to Plant a Tree in the Summer

How and When to Water Your Trees and Shrubs

Plant for Fall Color in Nashville


-Choose a site with well-draining soil, or amend existing soil to lighten it and improve drainage.


-Choose a site with partial shade--morning sun and afternoon shade, or an understory planting in dappled shade is ideal. 


-General rule of thumb: the daintier and more lace-like the leaf, the less sun they can tolerate. Broadleaf varieties can take a bit more sun. 


-Do not fertilize!


-When planting, be sure to supplementally water as needed. 



Fall Color Expectations:

-Fall color may change from year to year.


-Red foliage will remain red from spring to fall.


-Green foliage will transition to bright red during the fall.



Plants Mentioned in this Webinar:

Weeping Japanese Maples:

Green-Leafed Weeping Japanese Maples:




Red-Leafed Weeping Japanese Maples:

Red Dragon

Crimson Queen



Dwarf Japanese Maples:

Green-Leafed Varieties:

Shishigashira (Lion's Head)

Mikawa Yatsubusa



Upright Japanese Maples

Green-Leafed Varieties:




Red-Leafed Varieties:



Emperor I









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