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Fruit Tree Pruning Basics

Fruit Tree Pruning Basics

Austin demonstrates how to properly prune a fruit tree in this hands-on pruning webinar. Watch Austin prune an Elberta peach tree, a lime bush, and an orange tree. He describes basic methods for pruning fruit trees-including where to cut branches to maximize production and visual appeal for plum, peach, citrus, apple, and pear trees. 




Reasons to prune your fruit tree:

  • Remove dead or diseased limbs
  • Improve air flow throughout the tree
  • Shaping and ornamental appeal
  • Remove sucker growth at the base of the plant
  • Remove vertical sprouts
  • Control the size of the tree
  • Improve fruit production-both quality and quantity
  • Improve limb strength
  • Remove crossing limbs


Tools Needed:


Be sure to sterilize all equipment between trees to avoid the spread of disease.


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