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Camellias 101: Caring for the "Winter Rose"

Camellias 101: Caring for the "Winter Rose"

All about Camellias! Landscape Specialist Ben Trest walks us through history, selection, planting, and care for this unique, early/late blooming species.


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Camellias Mentioned in this Webinar:


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Camellia japonica:

April Dawn

Spring's Promise

Jerry Hill


Camellia sasanqua:


Marge Miller



Camellia sinensis (tea camellia)


Camellia hybrids:

Arctic Rose

Arctic Snow

Winter's Charm


Camellia oleifera - (tea oil camellia)


Soil Conditioners and Mulches:

EarthMix® Landscape™ Premium Soil Conditioner PSC

EarthMix® pFines™ Pine Fines Soil Conditioner



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