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All About Trees

All About Trees

All your tree questions answered! Austin takes us on a tour through the deciduous tree lot at Bates Nursery. Learn how to choose the right variety for your space, planting tips for healthy trees, new species you may not have heard of before, and more. 



Trees Mentioned in this Webinar:

Fruit & Nut Trees



Native Trees:

Carya (Hickory)

Lindera (Spicebush)

Cercis canadensis (Redbud)

Cornus florida (Dogwood)

Betula (River Birch)

Tilia (Linden)

Quercus (Oak)



Small (20-30') Flowering Trees:

Malus (Crabapple)

Cornus (Dogwood)

Cercis (Redbud)

Prunus (Cherry)

Prunus (Purple Leaf Plum)

Styrax (Japanese Snowbell)



Larger (30-60') Deciduous Trees

Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood)

Taxodium (Bald Cypress)

Acer (Maple)

Betula (River Birch)

Deciduous Magnolia

Liquidambar (Slender Silhouette Sweetgum)

Nyssa sylvatica (Blackgum)

Quercus (Oak)

Ulmus parviflora (Chinese Elm)


Parrotia (Persian Ironwood)





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