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How Much Light Does My Houseplant Need?

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How Much Light Does My Houseplant Need?


Shopping for houseplants doesn’t have to be intimidating! Houseplants can survive in a variety of different light conditions. Below is a quick guide to help you to pick out the right houseplant for your home, apartment, or office.


Bright Light Plants

These plants need as much light as they can get. Place them near an unobstructed south- or west-facing window that gets plenty of light each day. Be aware that there is such a thing as too much sunlight, however. If your window receives a significant amount of direct, unobstructed sunlight, the power of the sun magnified through the window might be too much for your houseplants. Consider placing gauzy curtains in the window, or acclimating your plants to the sun by moving them away from the window during the hot afternoon hours.


In the winter months, resist the urge to move these houseplants closer to the window, as cold drafts may kill them. Instead consider getting a grow light that will keep your plants healthy all winter long.



            A Few of Our Favorite Bright Light Plants:

            Cacti and Succulents

Ficus including Benjamina, Fiddleleaf, and Rubbertree.

            Most Palms


            Bird of Paradise





Medium Light Plants

These plants still need some sunlight, but are more forgiving in lower-light conditions. They will thrive placed in the interior of a room that has a window that receives plenty of light. You can also place them near a window less light—think a window that has curtains over it, or a window that is partially obstructed by trees or tall buildings.

            A Few of Our Favorite Medium Light Plants:







            Neanthe Bella Palm/Parlor Palm





Low-Light Plants

Low—light plants are specially adapted to do well in conditions where they receive minimal sunlight. These plants may be a great choice for your office or that north-facing windowsill in your home. Low-light doesn’t mean no sunlight however. These plants still need some light, although it can be heavily filtered by blinds or outdoor obstructions.


Be careful not to overwater your low-light houseplants. Since they aren’t receiving as much light, they will not dry out as quickly. Check the soil by sticking your finger in it. If the soil is still damp, hold off watering.

            A Few of Our Favorite Low Light Plants:

            Peace Lilies

            ZZ Plants



            English Ivy


As always, our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you to pick out the perfect houseplant for your space. We get fresh and unique houseplants in frequently, stop by Bates Nursery and Garden Center to find the perfect houseplant for your home today!



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