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  1. Tyler Blankenship Tyler Blankenship

    Erica, our Tennessee clay soils might need a little lightening up if you find you have some wet spots in your landscape. We have abundant water when it rains, so make sure your garden drains. Raised beds are also a great way to mitigate this issue.

    Late season frosts can give us trouble, so keep a sheet handy to cover your special plants that have tender new growth when it gets cold.

    We have certain succulents and cactus that grow well here, but you'll mostly find woody deciduous trees and evergreen junipers perform best tree-wise. There's a lot to learn and time is a great teacher, but we do have this webinar called "Intro to Tennessee Climate" that might help you out further. Watch it here: https://youtu.be/W3j-gebZmLw

  2. Erica Milliken Erica Milliken

    I'm new to Tennessee and my California garden is going strong! What is needed to get a garden started here??

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