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Living Christmas Trees

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Care instructions for your Living Christmas Tree (Balled and Burlapped)

Here's How:

1.    Spray the tree with an antidessicant or antiwilt product to minimize needle loss.

2.   Locate your tree in the coolest part of the room, away from heating ducts.

3.   Place the tree in a large plastic or galvanized tub to hold root ball.

4.   Stabilize the tree in the tub in a straight and vertical position using rocks or bricks.

5.   Fill empty space around and on top of the ball with mulch.

6.   Water your tree as often as necessary to keep the roots moist, but not soggy.  Use of ice for watering is excellent.  Keeps ball moist and keeps the tree dormant.

7.   Leave inside no longer than 7 days.

8.   Gradually acclimate your live tree from inside to outside for five days in the garage or enclosed porch.



1.    Dig the hole where tree is to be planted now and put dirt in a wheelbarrow or cover with tarp to keep dry.  It may be wet or freezing when it comes time to plant.

2.   Antidessicants are sold under the names of Wilt Pruf or Wilt Stop.

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