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D95-Edible Berries Edible #1 Vaccinium ashei Becky Blue/ Rabbiteye Blueberry Native (TN)

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Vaccinium ashei 'Becky Blue'

COMMON NAME: Rabbiteye Blueberry

GARDEN SIZE: 6-10 ft. x 6-10 ft.

USDA ZONE: 6b to 9b

CHILL HOURS: 300-400


WATER & SOIL: Acidic, well-drained, average moisture

HABIT (FORM): Open, spreading shrub

FOLIAGE: Deciduous; Blue green leaves that turn orange-red in the fall

BLOOM TIME: Spring; Ripens Early in the season

POLLINATION: Cross pollinate with Austin, Climax and Premier

FRUIT: Develops in the summer

CARE: Use an acidic fertilizer such as Holly-tone, in early spring before the leaves emerge. Be careful not to add too much and do not let the fertilizer build up around the stems at the base. If you do not have acidic soil, you can also add soil acidifier to help lower the pH around the root zone.

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