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Yes We Will

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Yes We Will

Happy New Year from your friends at Bates Nursery!


If you tell me you knew what was coming in 2020, I think I’d have to call b.s.  Okay, perhaps you might’ve had some ‘heads up’ on the pandemic.  You could have been paying enough attention to the news and to our medical community to put that one together; I’ll give you that. I personally was completely blindsided by Covid, I think many of us were. But you can’t possibly have known about the tornado, the derecho, or the bombing.  Exactly what collective vortex of mayhem has Nashville fallen into?


Obviously, we did nothing to initiate these tragic events. Not the pandemic, not the tornado, not the derecho, and certainly not the bombing.  Nothing.  However, surely each of us wonder, how can all of this be possible?  These things have actually happened.  Will we awaken from this nightmare?  Yes we will.


I’m convinced that we are only truly able to appreciate the awe and wonder of life, with tragedy juxtaposed: Most of us simply can’t fully appreciate the blessings we have, unless we also embrace the difficulties; at least that is the way it is for me.


Tough times are always painful to endure, but working through them provides more than simply relief, we gain experience.  Fortunately, we don’t all get ‘knocked down’ at the same time or in the same way.  So will we be ‘there’, to help others in our community? Yes we will.

We are Nashville Strong.  That’s not some trite statement or lip service.  The very reason we choose to live in this great area, this melting pot that is Music City, is that collectively, we are a force to reckon with.  Are we being tested? Yes we are.  Will we rise above it?  Yes we will.


From our front-line first-responders, to the many volunteers, to our elected officials, we have all been served notice: Life is difficult, but extremely worthwhile.  We haven’t asked to be in this position.  The world is watching us.  Can we meet this challenge? Yes we will.


David Bates


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