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Weather Permitting

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Weather Permitting

We THINK we’ll be open Saturday; some days next week look questionable…


I cannot remember a time where the weather forecast has changed so dramatically, so frequently, over such a short period of time.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  But when your livelihood depends on making the proper preparations to deal with ever changing potential weather conditions, it is, in a word: difficult.


As late as three days ago, we were seeing forecast low temperatures in the single digit range.  Fortunately, the most recent revised forecasts don’t show low temperatures below the mid-teens. That is good news for everyone.  The tradeoff for those more moderate temperatures appears to be numerous threats of various forms of frozen/freezing precipitation.  Some in the area, particularly north and west of Nashville, have seen significant ice buildup from freezing rain.  The large buildup of ice in Nashville has been averted, due to temperatures hovering just above, or at freezing. 


Colder air arriving in today’s round hasn’t been enough to cause all roads to freeze, but the always-dangerous bridges and overpasses, change temperature quickly, and therefore pose a significant hazard.


All said; we will attempt to conduct normal business hours, weather permitting.  It appears that Monday and Tuesday could be questionable, as the possibility exists for a few inches of snow beginning Sunday night, and continuing into Monday.  Temperatures are (currently) forecast to remain below freezing. 


From a gardening prospective, your plants will appreciate the insulating cover of snow during the colder days, so damage that might occur, should be mitigated.  To get updates, for weather related changes to our normal business hours, check out our Facebook page by clicking here. You can also call us: 615-876-1014.


To best deal with gardening withdrawals, during the coming week, I suggest you take a few moments and look over our upcoming BNBBC schedule. On Friday, Carrie talks about, “Choosing the Right Pot or Container”. Tuesday, Joy discusses, “Planting for Biodiversity” and Wednesday, Austin will discuss, “Roses 101”.  Join us live, or watch archives of previous webinars: They can be viewed by clicking here.


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