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Water You Looking At?

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Water You Looking At?

It’s easy to remember to water newly planted items, but what about established plantings? Open Sundays Noon-4p!


No doubt you have had the experience of going to a restaurant and not getting the attention you had hoped.  Occasionally, just getting a glass of water before ordering seems to take an undue amount of effort.  You have been there quite a while. Perhaps they are really busy.  You seem to have been overlooked.  Whatever the case, if it goes on for too long, you’re out of there.


Established landscape plantings are no different than us.  They might not be getting the attention they hope to be getting.  They have been there quite a while.  They seem to have been overlooked.  You are really busy.  Neglect them for too long and they are out of there…


Plants that normally need no attention need attention right about now.  Just because a tree or shrub has been doing well for years, doesn’t mean that trend will continue.  For most of us, soil conditions are parched.  Even though it appears we will be receiving relief from the heat, there is no real promise for rain in sight.  Everything needs water.


It may not be realistic to be able to irrigate the entirety of your yard.  Unlike rainfall, which covers every square inch of your property, and your neighbor’s, a sprinkler can only do so much.  You could run it 24 hours a day.  Rather than doing that, concentrate your efforts on existing trees and other specimen plantings.  Simply turn the hose on to a ‘trickle’ and walk away.  For very large trees, the hose might need to be moved two or three times.  It might need to run all night and all day, every day for a while.


If you have evergreen screen plantings, be particularly mindful.  Emerald and Green Giant Arborvitae, and other needled plants, may be stressing if you don’t have irrigation; or possibly even if you do.  Think of watering with a hose as a form of mindful meditation.  Your plants will certainly appreciate your presence.


David Bates


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