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Vitreous Humor

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Vitreous Humor

Thank you for voting Bates Nursery, “Best of Nashville” for the 18th time!


Vitreous humor is not a display of levity exhibiting high moral value; that would be virtuous humor, if it indeed exists, in this day and age.  Vitreous humor is the “gel” that fills the eye cavity. The word ‘vitreous’ meaning ‘glass-like’ and the medical terminology, ‘humor’, meaning bodily fluid: so derived from an ancient concept of the body needing a balance of liquids.  It might also explain why your doctor doesn’t laugh at your jokes; they have a different definition of humor.


I appreciate the outpouring of support through my eye surgery.  It all went very well.  I want to also extend a huge “thank you” to the wonderful medical personnel of Tennessee Retina Center,specifically Dr. Trent Wallace, for performing my surgery.  Additionally, my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Becky Taylor, for being the ophthalmologist on-call at St. Thomas West, when the emergency arose.  We are most fortunate to have such wonderful examples of excellence, in our medical personnel and facilities, in middle Tennessee.


I’m also feeling a great sense of appreciation for the support you show for Bates Nursery.  Because of you, we have been voted, “Best of Nashville”, for the eighteenth time.  It seems unbelievable.  You have also extended the honor by voting this newsletter, “In the Garden with Bates Nursery”, to a second place finish for a third consecutive year, for best local blog. 


These honors you extend to us are made possible through the tireless efforts of the incredible personnel I am blessed to have in my employ at Bates Nursery.  I’m just one guy; they do the literal heavy lifting.  Without their daily commitment to horticultural excellence and customer service, what we are able to do, wouldn’t be possible.  I ask that when you encounter them, thank them: they are Bates Nursery!


While warm weather extends the life of summer annuals; that may be keeping you from getting fall color planted.  Remove those now and plant for the cooler seasons ahead.  Today is a great day to garden!


David Bates


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