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Turning November

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Turning November

The last two open Sundays for 2018 are coming up…


We all turned November today.  Turning November means Halloween is now past and the serious fall festivities officially begin, just as soon as you finish off the leftover candy, and emerge from the sugar-induced coma.  Turning November means getting into acceptance mode that the holidays are rapidly approaching: I’m not there yet.  Turning November means taking time for a check around the house and see what needs doing.  2018 is now 5/6 complete; what chores have gotten past you, along with October?


If you have been intending to overseed your lawn, you have missed your best chance.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get fescue to sprout, but the statistical odds are stacked against you.  If you are to have any reasonable expectation of getting positive results from your efforts, it must be done this weekend.  It will likely still come up, but it may take weeks rather than days to germinate.


You mean to tell me you still have summer annuals planted?  It’s November; they’re done!  Get them out before they turn to slime.  That task is much easier before hard frosts and freezes set in.  Now don’t get carried away, I am not talking about your vegetable garden; set up a temporary ‘cold-frame’ and cover with clear poly on frosty nights and greatly extend your harvest.  It is very cool having tomatoes and peppers late in the month, possibly into December.


The colorful remnants of shade are already littering the ground.  Some folks like to clean up their leaves all along; some wait and do it all at once.  It is also a popular practice to ‘mulch’ leaves with a mower.  Sometimes having it done by someone else makes the most sense.  There are some who do nothing.  If you bag your own, we will gladly accept leaves in paper bags only.  If you have twigs, we’ll take those too, but please separate them; they go into a different composting process.


The last of the pansies, violas and panolas are here; better hurry on in!


David Bates


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