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Tropicals, Containers, Soils, and More!

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Tropicals, Containers, Soils, and More!

Taking a break from the freeze…


While it may begin to appear that we ‘go out of business’ during the winter, nothing could be further from the truth.  We simply move most of our inventory indoors.  Winter is a wonderful time to plant, to see what we have on hand at any time, search: batesnursery.com.  We also carry the largest selection of tropicals, soils and decorative containers in Nashville.  Starting January 7, we began opening Saturdays from 10a–2p!  We know houseplants are always on your mind.


Soil is a dirty word.  We don’t want it in our house or on our cars.  No one likes to have their nose rubbed in it.  None of us should be spending time discussing other people’s dirt, though occasionally, most of us participate in that behavior from time to time. Truth told, dirt is an integral part of the human condition.  It is not my intention to discuss the metaphorical form of the word, rather the actual.  Any reference I might make about ‘soiling my trousers’ will not be euphemistic.


Soil is what makes life possible for most plants; providing you additionally have sufficient resources of air, water, and sunlight.  I did not mention nutrition.  Nutrition for plants is primarily taken up through the root system.  It is the root system that gives plants their steady supply of nutrition-laced water.  Therefore, it’s of paramount importance for plants, particularly newly planted ones, to have readily available quality soil so that newly establishing roots can perform their job with maximum efficiency.  At least that is what my grandmother used to say; maybe not in those exact words…


I also got to observe and learn the criteria my grandmother set forth for what constituted ‘good dirt’.  That childhood experience is what inspired me to begin the process of premium organic soil mixes. The result of which is what we call EarthMix® today. EarthMix® Proganix-i™ is the hands-down best product for tropicals/houseplants, or for seed starting.


We answer your questions. Saturday mornings, at 8am, “The At Home Show”, broadcasts live!


David Bates


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