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Trending Towards Nice

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Trending Towards Nice

A winter reprieve, now underway…

Whether you’re taking a stroll around the block, or a leisurely walk across the property, it’s time to cast your eyes a bit downward.  Take a look at what is happening…even in the middle of winter. This much is certain: it’s never as dead out there as it first appears.  And the air, sunshine and exercise will do you good!

Quickly you will notice pansy and violas beginning to reset buds.  Blooms will follow soon. You will notice how the colors of conifers are quite intense.  Thoughtful landscapes that have included Sango Kaku (Coral Bark) Japanese maples, gold mop cypress, and blue star juniper are stunning, especially now.  Plantings of Green Giant Arborvitae with gold twig dogwoods, now dormant ornamental grasses and berried hollies give a great contrast of color and texture.  Winter is not to be dreaded, but enjoyed for its unique beauty.

Now that the thaw is upon us, we can better appreciate the mild nature our winters normally have. While in meteorological terms it has been cold, in horticultural terms, not so much.  Plant hardiness zones are based on normal expected extreme temperatures not averaged temperatures. That is to say, from a plant’s prospective, it is far better to have successive days of much below average temperature, than it is to have a single night of extreme low temperature.

So as the ground thaws and you venture out, remember to check on watering needs for container plants and any other plants in areas where adequate rainfall is deprived.  This affords you a great opportunity to see at the ground level, what things may be showing signs of springing back to life. 

And just in case you need to stretch your legs a bit further, I encourage you to come out and see our wonderful winter landscape selections. Even though it might appear we are out of plants, actually, we have all of our shrubbery indoors now. Add great winter color to your landscape now!  We are open Monday -Friday from 8am to 4:00pm.

We’re here to help,


David Bates


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