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A multitude of plants arriving daily, and a special one-day only event! Open Sundays!


With the official start of autumn only a week away, we’re already in high gear, and it’s obvious everyone is ready to get it going!  There are a lot of reasons to be excited.  First and foremost, the one thing that really makes fall fantastic: Weather.  As the mercury (remember that stuff that used to be in thermometers?) steadily decreases over the coming weeks, anticipation rises. It won’t be long until fleece will become a daily fashion statement!  I’m ready.  Even though there’s a chance of rain, almost daily, high temperatures are forecast to be in the seventies.  Just a couple of weeks ago, it would have seemed impossible.


And so the transition begins.  I don’t think it is unusual to have mixed emotions.  The melancholy longings of summer are understandable.  The long days we enjoy are subdued by the swelter.  We may have more daylight hours to enjoy the outdoors in summer, but those extra hours come at a heated price.  I prefer the quality of autumn, to the quantity of summer.  To be sure, the floral show changes, but the colors and beauty are more dazzling.


Life informs us all: Don’t get too used to things as they are.  Whether we are attuned to it or not, we are all constantly changing and adapting to those changes.  At this moment, we are as young as we’ll ever be.  I try to embrace that daily.  The transition that life presents for us is worthwhile and wonderful.  Gardening performs magic in that realm. If nothing else, it’s a great distraction.  I think we all need that.


We’re providing a one-day distraction for you.  Music City Tropicals will provide a single day showing of their rare and exotic tropical plants this Saturday from 9a-4p!  You are assured of seeing things you didn’t know existed.  We will feature a lengthy segment this Saturday morning on “ The At Home Show with Josh Cary and David Bates”.  We are live every Saturday at 8am; streamed on-demand!


David Bates


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    Thank you for the feedback Chris! We're glad to have you as a reader and patron. Have a great weekend!

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    Thanks for your emails and blog. We all enjoy the info even if we don't often respond. I will be responding with my pocket book will be coming for pansies.

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