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Tirelessly Thoughtful Anna Jarvis

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Remember Mom!


Mother's Day was established as a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson exactly one hundred and nine years ago, thanks to the tireless efforts of Anna Jarvis. Jarvis worked for many years to bring the holiday to fruition, inspired by her own mother who passed away in 1905. However, in a strange twist, she later campaigned to have the holiday rescinded in 1923, objecting to the 'commercialization' of the occasion by companies like Hallmark and candy makers. She was even arrested for protesting at a fundraising event in 1925, where mothers of war participants were selling carnations.


While acknowledging the controversial history of the holiday's founder, I urge you to honor your mother on this special day. Consider doing something kind for her, such as helping out in the garden. However, be cautious if you're not familiar with her plants, as what you may perceive as a weed could actually be a beloved peony. It's best to work under supervision in this area.


If you're interested in gift-giving, we have a variety of options available. Our hanging baskets are a lovely way to show your appreciation, and our potted hydrangeas are in colorful bloom, and sure to impress. We also offer a wide selection of roses that will continue to bloom all summer long, making them a lasting tribute to your mother's love and care.  You may also consider peonies, now heavily budded and in bloom.


Perhaps giving mom a bit of extra help with her landscape is more your style.  It is possible you recognize she needs some landscape work, but you don’t quite know what should be done.  We can help.  Whether the landscape situation is your mother’s or your own, we can be very helpful, especially if you bring along photos on your phone or tablet. 


You may have gardening and landscape questions, but don’t quite have the time for a visit. Simply submit them here.  We will answer your questions, this Saturday morning, live 8am: “The At Home Show”. We keep you growing, Mother’s Day, and every day!


David Bates


  1. Mark Sherrill Mark Sherrill

    I’m looking for a tree person to advise me on saving or replacing 2 rows of Leland Cypresses in our subdivisions entrance.

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