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Time is Now

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Time is Now

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One of the most frequent questions we have as humans: “What time is it?” Regardless of when it is asked or when it is answered there is one answer that is always correct: Now.  Do you know when I wrote this article?  I am writing it now.  You are reading this now.  How can that be?  It is not uncommon to hear people speak of ‘keeping it in the now’.  I do understand the concept of neither living mentally in the past, or in the future.  I did not say I was proficient in practicing that, at all times. It is always now, whether we like it or not.  I find myself constantly trying to slow down or speed up now.  Perhaps the most difficult challenge I face daily, is being present in my own life, at all times, right now.  Now is elusive, yet ever-present.  Now is a snapshot in our video of life.   So, when will then be now? Soon.


I would like to say a few words about procrastination, but I think I’ll put that off until later. I don’t have time now. If you have questions…


So, let’s talk about right now, and how to get through the next few weeks unscathed.  Well, comparatively so.  We all face challenges in making gift purchase decisions.  So much so, that many people feel an undue amount of stress.  I don’t believe the holidays, should be lived under self-imposed duress.  It is self-imposed, right?  It’s always difficult to come up with something that our special someone wants; that they will surely appreciate.  We all want to feel good in ‘giving’.


Perhaps it is time to consider alternative gifts for the holiday season. As a BatesRewards member, you are apprised of our current 20% off All plants* and bagged EarthMix products sale. But you may not realize we have digital gift cards, you can send directly (or other’s can send to you) by clicking here!



Happy Holidays,


David Bates



*in-store purchases only; Japanese maples, tropical houseplants excluded!


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