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The Tale of Vi Burnum

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The Tale of Vi Burnum

Our selection must be seen ‘in-person’ to appreciate…at least on weekends… Weekend webstore hours are now limited!


Violet Burnum was a master of blending into crowds without being noticed. She had a giving nature that endeared her to everyone she met. Although not considered a beauty, there was something about her that was captivating. Vi possessed a natural allure that added depth to her surroundings. She had a talent for growing plants that was nothing short of miraculous. Wherever she went, things were lush, blooming, and filled with fragrance. The schoolboys used to tease her and call her "Miss Violet Greeny," but Vi never let them know how much it bothered her. The Burnums were from the old country, and their ways were mysterious to most people, leading to whispers whenever they passed by.


Legend has it that Vi never planted a single seed, yet plants grew wherever she went, as if they were drawn to her. Some say the plants spoke to her, revealing their deepest secrets, but this tale is questionable. One day, Vi was said to have disappeared into the forest, never to be seen again. Some believe she was abducted by the woods, but others beg to differ, saying that signs of Vi Burnum can be found everywhere.


It's possible that Vi Burnum is already at your home, disguised as a shrub that is both attractive and subtle. She can be easily identified by visiting the provided link with photos. You be the judge of her beauty. Once Vi Burnum finds her way into your garden, she never leaves. Rain or shine, visit us to discover viburnums and other shrubs.


The hectic pace of spring has necessitated a slight change in our webstore hours.  Unprecedented demand, combined with limited availability, requires us to temporarily close our website’s store from Friday 4pm until Sunday 4pm. Searching of our inventory will be unaffected.


Contemplate and compose your gardening and landscape questions. Please submit them here.  We will answer your questions, this Saturday morning: “The At Home Show”. We keep you growing!


David Bates


  1. Tyler Tyler

    Taylor juniper and Emerald Green arborvitae are the best for tall, slender privacy evergreens!

  2. Dabney Waters Dabney Waters

    Just left the nursery with several wonderful new additions for the yard! Bates Always makes my day a better day~
    I came out looking for a viburnum replacement for a eleagnus hedge planted for privacy. The eleagnus is way too high maintenance in a confined area. I need evergreen, grows tall and fast between my bathroom window and the neighbors drive for privacy. I don't want the viburnum that smells SO bad. Any suggestions?

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