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The Road Ahead

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The Road Ahead

We need your help to assure the safety of everyone…


We have collectively taken a turn down a dark and perilous road.  No one can say with certainty, precisely what lies ahead.  Everyone has made many changes that only two weeks ago would have seemed unthinkable.  The Sunday declaration from Mayor Cooper is clear: It is safer at home.  So, am I asking you to stay away? No. What I am asking for is your help, and understanding, as we work through the most difficult time in all of our lives.


Around the country, we have witnessed poor behavior by a few; we have also seen some reckless disregard for the wellbeing of others. Being designated as an essential business might seem like a blessing; in most ways it is.  However, with that designation comes the weight of responsibility to conduct our business safely, and to do so without previous experience of a situation of this magnitude. 


Our forecast looks good in the coming days. It is gardening weather, a joy to be outside. That said, I have great concerns about our ability to handle spring crowds.  I am forced to face the reality of the limitations of our facility, our staff, and myself.   If we successfully negotiate this maze of coronavirus, it will require participation by everyone.


We must avoid crowds. Here is what I ask:  Shop alone.  If at all possible, please do not bring your spouse, children, grandchildren or pets at this time. Consider shopping at off-peak times9-11am and 1-3pm. Weekends are a great time to plant, but weekday shopping is normally much less crowdedShop online by clicking here. We have a newly designated curbside pickup area, adjacent to the parking lot.  Call 615-268-2357 when you arrive, for loading your order.


We have laid out checkout waiting lanes.  We have added staff to expedite the checkout process.


For up-to-minute goings-on, click here Saturday morning for The At Home Show, LIVE broadcast on Facebook from 8-9am. Call the live show, or leave message: 615-499-6690.


This is something we must do… together.

David Bates


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