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The Legend of Vi Burnum

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The Legend of Vi Burnum

She could blend into a crowd and never be noticed.  She always seemed to give more than she took, so folks never had a problem with her.  She was never described as a beauty, but there was something about her that would turn your head. Violet had a natural attractiveness, never standing out, but always-added depth to her surroundings.  To say she had a green thumb is an understatement.  It seems wherever she was; things were growing, blooming and fragrant.  The schoolboys teased her about it; she hated being called “Miss Violet Green” by them. Vi never let those boys know it though; the Burnums were from the ‘old country’, their ways were mysterious and misunderstood.  People whispered whenever the Burnums passed.


I’ve been told she never planted a thing, that plants just ‘came up’ wherever she was.  The way it was told to me is that the plants wanted to be near her.  Vi simply took care of her soil, and the plants did the rest.  I’m not sure I believe that, but I used to know a guy that swears he heard plants talking to her, confiding their innermost secrets.  Yes, this is the same guy that also said that he repeatedly got abducted by aliens, but he sounded really sincere.


I think Vi got abducted as well, but not by aliens.  She simply got wooed by the woods one day.  She walked into the forest and never walked out, so they say.  I beg to differ.  I see signs of Vi Burnum everywhere.  Vi Burnum may even be at your home already.  She is likely cleverly disguised as an attractive, yet not overstated shrub.  She is pretty easy to identify, I have a link to photos of her, simply click here.


It is possible that she is more attractive than I have given her credit for, you be the judge!  One thing is for sure, once Vi Burnum walks into your garden, she never walks out. Come see us rain or shine, peruse viburnums and more.


We’re here to help!


David Bates


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