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The Iseli Brothers

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The Iseli Brothers

New shipment from Iseli Nursery, Japanese maples and conifers galore!


You are likely more familiar with Ronald and Ernie, the two surviving, and still active members of the famous, “The Isley Brothers” musical group.  They continue to crank out R&B, soul, and funk as members of, “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”.  Those are not the brothers I am referring to, though the last name is pronounced the same.


Jean (pronounced ‘John’) Iseli was the founder of the wholesale growers, Iseli Nursery. He passed away June 16, 1986 while at home preparing to leave for the nursery office. His home was just 200 feet from the propagation greenhouses and surrounded by an exquisite collection of plants rivaled only by the Jean Iseli Memorial Garden, constructed at the main office, by his brother André.  Jean was the creative force while André was the business mind.


Jean was a gentle, deliberate man of infinite intelligence. The intensity of his early years as a mathematician transformed in 1975 to intensity for plants, especially rare and dwarf conifers and Japanese maples. Jean voraciously studied plants and communicated with collectors and plant lovers worldwide. Capturing the imagination of hundreds of people, he formulated the collective dream of many – commercialize the rare and share them with the world.

Although André sold the business in 1997, Iseli Nursery still produces the most engaging collection of plants available anywhere.  This week we received a shipment from that premier grower.  Iseli Nursery is easily the most interesting site in Boring, Oregon, other than Mt. Hood.

Check out everything we have to offer from this exquisite grower by clicking on each of the following links: Japanese MaplesConifersmore conifersstill more conifersand moreand finally here.  We are a proud seller of products from Iseli Nursery, the King Kahuna of the Conifer Kingdom!

Warmer temperatures signal the return of FREE iced bottled water while you shop.  In addition to the cooler located in the perennial/annual area, we have added a second cooler of bottled water, conveniently situated at the laurels ‘drip-irrigation’ structure.

David Bates


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