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The Highs and Lows

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The Highs and Lows

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The geographic location of middle Tennessee creates an ever-changing weather, and seasonal phenomena. There is a generations-long saying, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait about 15 minutes and it’ll change”.  After last week’s meteorological roller-coaster ride, that statement is barely an exaggeration.


From a December 23 low of 22 degrees, we climbed to 60 degrees before 11a on Christmas eve, and stayed above 60 degrees for at least 33 straight hours.  Our high temperature, was a flip flop-donning, tank top-inducing 76 degrees.  I hope Santa had a change of clothes.  For a week, we had very non-winter weather. At no time did low temperatures dip below 45 degrees; it was mostly 50 degrees or higher. We rang in the New Year with a high of 78 degrees; winter’s not so bad!


By the second day of the year, a hint of the ‘Old Man’s’ ways had become evident.  Winter reared its ‘ugly’ head.  It started out rather innocently.  Sure, the temperatures had dropped into the lower thirties, sure a chance of snow had been forecasted, there’s nothing unusual about that; besides we NEVER get that much snow.  Right? Well…


Depending on where you live, you received between 5-8” of ‘light’ snow.  Then the mercury dropped (remember actual mercury thermometers?).  Most areas recorded lower double-digit low temperatures; we got just below 8 degrees here at the nursery.  From a horticultural standpoint, the snow couldn’t have been better timed.  Plants really appreciate the additional layer of insulation during extreme low temperatures, and snow is a great insulator.


We have again settled into a more ‘normal’ weather pattern. The extremes don’t appear to be forthcoming.  Believe it or not, it is a really good time for plants and planting!  We have an extensive year-round selection of plants for your landscape.  We also have an unrivaled selection of tropicals for your inside spaces.  Bring us your information, and we'll help sort through it, and provide insight for making your best plant selections.


David Bates


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