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The Best is Yet to Come

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For many folks, perhaps to the populous at large, “the good ol’ days” is a time from the distant past. Indeed, it is entertaining to reminisce about those times forever gone. There is nothing like getting together with school friends and telling tales on each other.  There are a great many wonderful memories for me from “back in the day”.  Personally, I choose to pay infrequent visits.  I am the sort of individual whose life is best lived looking slightly forward, or better still, at my feet, to remind me of where I am.


I know of an admonishment that speaks to this phenomenon, “do we squander the hours that might otherwise have been worthwhile”.  I have certainly made my share of mistakes.  I try to take note, get the lesson that is attached, and keep moving.  Occasionally, the key seems to get broken off in the ass-kicking machine, but the sooner I distance myself from it, the better.  I seem to learn lessons that life provides, with greater permanence, when there is a connected pinch. 


Fortunately, the frequency of those ‘pinches’ has subsided, along with the severity.  I don’t look askance towards the future.  I truly believe the best is yet to come, even if I don’t know exactly what that is.  The gardening world is a world of optimism.  That doesn’t mean everything you plant will grow; it means that experience will likely make the next landscape foray more productive. We’re here to help you minimize those mistakes and get the most for your efforts!


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