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The Annual Dilemma

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The Annual Dilemma

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It is perhaps the most gut wrenching of gardening decisions.  If you fail to remove your pansies, violas and panolas now, you are compromising the future of your summer annuals.  I know your pansies are beautiful.  I know you want to get just a bit more enjoyment out of them.  I understand.  I really do.  Doing so however, deprives your warm season annual plantings the needed opportunity to get their root systems established, before the intense heat of summer arrives. 

The failure to heed this reminder will certainly make maintenance more difficult, not to mention the fact that waiting also means fewer planting choices.  As the season progresses, the number of varieties and colors becomes reduced.  If you have your heart set on very specific things, we currently have a great selection, but you should act…now!

If parting with your cool season pretties is more than you can bear, I have this to offer:  Simply dig them up and put them in containers.  We have plenty of recycled containers.  We will gladly furnish all you need to help ease the pain of this most difficult time.  Besides, not only can you continue to enjoy them, but you can give them as gifts to friends… and they will last much longer than cut flowers!

I would love to have you ‘tune-in’ this Saturday morning to “The At Home Show with Josh Cary and David Bates”.  We always broadcast live every Saturday morning from 8-9a.  We now have a YouTube Channel.  That’s right, simply click on any of the following links to the social connection you prefer: YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. Please Subscribe / Follow / and Share!  We are here to help; give us a call live, while we’re on the air, or call right now and leave us a message.  We’ll play your question, (or message), “On-Air”, and respond right then and there!  615-499-6690

Our hours are again “Extended”.  Now open Monday-Saturday 9a-4p; Sundays Noon-4p.  Social distancing still in effect; #ShopAlone

David Bates


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