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That Autumn Air

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That Autumn Air

Massive shipments have arrived this week; a tree for every need!


Even though fall does not officially arrive until Tuesday, the glorious autumn air is already here.  Expect to have low temperatures in the lower fifties, possibly upper forties in outlying areas.  High temperatures over the next several days will top out in the mid-seventies. Break out the flannel!  Jackets will most certainly be in ‘style’ over the next several days.  When you combine the glorious weather with the rains of last weekend, well, planting conditions simply don’t get better.


Per usual for the magnificent Julie Patterson, our green goods goddess, she has us stocked with the most impressive array of fall plantings available anywhere.  I can say that with complete confidence.  This is not hype.  You will have to come out to appreciate everything we have on hand, but simply take a short perusal online.  Our website, batesnursery.com, tells the ‘digital’ side of the story well.  Fortunately, gardening is still an ‘analog’ activity.


Let’s talk trees.  It doesn’t matter what kind you’re looking for; we almost certainly have it. I have taken the liberty to put some links here so that you can easily look over our selection: The category many consider to be “front and center” for fall, are Large Deciduous Trees, as they are ‘largely’ responsible for the phenomenon we know as fall color, no matter which ‘shade’ you prefer.  Whether you plant primarily for shade or fall color, there’s no wrong reason.


Our selection of flowering trees is immense.  We also have a considerable collection of coniferous trees (those are needled evergreens). Rivaling our conifer selection are large broadleaf evergreens; primarily hollies and magnolia.  You will not want to miss our rare and unusual tree selections, where many hidden gems are found! Don’t forget fruit and nut trees; we have edibles for every garden.


Lastly, the most coveted group of all: Japanese Maples.  Make sure you get the most from your fall gardening efforts by using EarthMix® Landscape™ when you plant; it takes the guesswork out of soil preparation.


Happy Gardening!


David Bates


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